Survive the Galactic Shit Show – Go for a Ride

by Feb 19, 2021

Go for a ride. There, problem solved.

I’m being facetious, of course. I would never profess to have the solution to the world’s (or your individual) problems. These are well within our ability to fix, with proper intent. But that discussion is beyond the scope of this post.

The reality is that the world’s problems tend to invade your inner circle and just plain piss you off. The broader issues manifest in different ways within the individual, bending your psyche this way and that. 

On occasion, the daily challenges you face can cause you to hit a threshold. When this happens, a circuit breaker is required. For me, that circuit breaker is riding.

Sometimes, it’s important to worry about yourself.

The other day I reached a threshold. We all do at some time or another. The solution? I ‘downed tools’ and went for a ride. There is nothing like a GSX-R750 screaming at 14,000 rpm to reinvigorate the soul and help you re-charge.


There is nothing like a GSX-R750 screaming at 14,000 rpm to reinvigorate the soul and help you re-charge.


Call it escapism if you like, but I think I am speaking the truth when I say that there exists a need to clear our ‘cache’. Our realm can create an excess of toxicity in our being, which must be expelled lest it poisons us.

My solution. Riding motorcycles. Doing this may not solve any real problems (except those minor trivial things relating to congestion, pollution and the like). But at the very least, it could help clear some of that cache and free some headspace to help you take on what’s eating your lunch.

See you on the road.

Go for a ride. Do it! You know you want to.

How do you clear your cache? What do you make of the galactic shit show? Comment below.


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  1. Paul Nicoletti

    Clear your cache and reinvigorate the soul! I like it. However my bike of choice is the GSXS750… a little less aaarrrrggghhh which helps soothe the mind!

    • Fast Joe

      Ahhh yes, a great ride! That’s the beauty of motorcycling. Choice.


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